Thursday, 1 March 2018

Organ revoiced

So, during making of this pipe organ engine - actually way before that, when I was developing the Pi wavetable synth - I realized that pretty much anything that was a single, static wavetable sounded like a pipe organ. It’s just the way of things - not much else has an unchanging tone made up of a harmonic series. Your brain just goes ‘Yeah - that’s a pipe organ’.

So I have decided to take advantage of that, and turn real instruments into pipe organ stops via wavetables, and that the first released implementation of the organ engine will be a completely fabricated set of stops, based on wavetables populated via harmonic analysis of the real instrument sounds that pipe organs strive to emulate. Or at least approximate, if not emulate. So I sat for 3 hours today, doing harmonic analysis of violas, trumpets, clarinets, oboes, sopranos, and came up with this - a completely synthetic organ, completely imitative (apart from the two pedal stops and the Great Diapason Chorus, which are computed harmonic series - the only instrument that sounds like an Open Diapason is an Open Diapason!), and it really sounds very organy. So, onward - UI and port to iOS / AU. And also, see if it will run on a Pi Zero - it should, it only has 13 stops.

Actually, sod the UI, at least for the time being - first things first, get it running on iOS with no UI at all, just to see how well it runs on a variety of hardware. It looks like iPhone 6 is the currently oldest device you can buy new, so if it works on my old 5C I’ll be delighted. So, no more updates until I can post a video of it running on iPhone 5C!

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