Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Victorian Chapel Organ version 1.3 in beta

The third version of the app is pretty much ready to go to the store. Changes include a bugfix for attack transients, they were getting lost, plus the Principal Chorus on the Great, the Stopped Diapason  Chorus on the Swell, and the two Pedal stops (Bourdon 16 and Bassoon 16) have all been very carefully revoiced, partly as a exercise to finalize the tools I need to get the ‘real’ organ app out there in the next month or son. The revoiced stops sound gorgeous, and I will revoice everything and push out a 1.4 update during the Summer. Then I can just let it sit for a while and see what people can do with it. This was always an experiment in preparation for the ‘real’ organ, hence its bargain basement price, but it has now matured into a lovely-sounding instrument, and will be a really, really nice organ after the 1.4 update to the rest of the stops.

In the meantime here’s a couple of audio examples, using only the newly-revoiced stops.