Sunday, 18 February 2018

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

New reverb

I just built a much nicer-sounding reverb than the one in my M3000 mellotron to try to eliminate the nasty metallic resonances and make the pipe organ sound more ‘churchy’, and in turns out to not only sound lovely but is also computationally only about 1/2 as costly as my old one.


Demo to follow at some point ...

UPDATE - demo here, of the organ integrated into the synths bundle, with the new reverb integrated as well. Yay!

Monday, 5 February 2018

Organ latest - all stops test

The underlying model is approaching complete. I revoiced all 12 of these stops today and they now sound very authentic indeed.

Still to do - transients. Then the engine will be deemed complete, and I can lash up a UI, get it onto iOS, turn it into an AUV3, get it on sale, then start on the St Just in Roseland model.

If you want to see this version - Bath Preservation Trust / Bath Museum of Architecture - on the Pi, I can arrange that, but to make it happen you will have to buy it on iOS in enough numbers. Once enough money is raised for the Bath Preservation Trust, I will make it available on the Pi. I haven’t yet decided what ‘enough money’ is, but it will be a sensible amount.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Missing fundamental!

The pipe organ uses a version of ‘Trendline synthesis’, in this case more accurate would be ‘trendline voicing’ as the actual synthesis is wavetable trajectory. I have slightly extended the 4-parameter trendline method described by Pykett to add one extra feature - an individual harmonic that can be boosted or cut. And I found a great use for this feature - implementing ‘missing fundamental’ in the pedals. The lowest C on the pedals at 16’ is about 32.7Hz, very much below what my little studio monitors can reproduce with their 5” ‘woofers’. So I can’t hear it. Worse, it is there, and is using up the dynamic range of the playback system. But by totally eliminating the fundamental - harmonic 1, cut down to zero - the pedal tones come through much clearer, with an implied but absent fundamental, and the whole system has more headroom as the sub-50 Hz stuff isn’t swinging the instantaneous DC value around. Nice to know the extended feature has a use. The intended use is for boosting outliers that would otherwise have been pulled down by the trendlines, but this is a great way to repurpose it. And cheaper than buying a subwoofer.