Thursday, 8 June 2017

Never say never again ...

... as in, you know I kind of committed to never touch this codebase again? Well, I'm working on a digital pipe organ. It will strive to be an accurate emulation of the lovely little chapel organ in the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel in Bath, A.K.A the Bath Museum of Architecture, and home to the Bath Preservation Trust. It will be an iOS app, and will raise much-needed funds for the Trust, mainly to keep their lovely organ in tune and playable, but also to fight the good fight and keep Bath as beautiful as its World Heritage status implies and deserves. Well, it transpires that the easiest way for me to get this digital pipe organ up and playable, and to debug it, is to build it within the Synth Collection. So here I am again, making changes, playing the Doctor Who theme and Popcorn to make sure the changes have not broken anything, and real soon now, we will have a working pipe organ. At least it hasn't taken me long to remember how all this stuff works!

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